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Version: (Latest)
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 2.4 MB
Category: Browsing
Updated: 26-10-2017
License: Free

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About 9Apps App the best android application store.

9Apps or 9Apps apk is an android application store by Alibaba Group which has around 97 million users worldwide and is very much popular in countries like India and Indonesia. It was developed with the aim to provide android applications to the users for completely free. The users had to pay to install some android Apps and Games on Google Play Store whereas Download 9App is completely free of cost, an individual don’t have to pay a single penny and can download any application he wants. That’s a lovely work done by Alibaba Company. Today it is considered as one of the best alternative of google play store due to the features it provide. The users need to register to 9 Apps and then they can find almost everything they want in very organised manner. It has a very separate section for everything like Paid Apps, Games, Ringtones, Music, Videos, Wallpapers and what not. This has been done so that the user don’t find any kind of inconvenience finding or installing anything they want. You can find more about 9Apps app from our FAQ section & BrownLinker – Seo Directory

More about 9 Apps APK

Install 9Apps was released in the year 2013, and since then it has gained a lot of popularity around the globe. According to stats present on it’s official site, more than 20 million apps and games are downloaded daily from 9app apk. This app is very much young from it’s competitor i.e. Google Play Store, but still it has gained a lot of traction and popularity among android community.

As we all are aware that there are plenty of other apps stores also in the market, but no one can beat nine apps. It is a specially crafted android app store which fulfils every desire of an android user.

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9 Apps APK APP Size And User Interface

The Install 9Apps apk is just 4 mb in size and this tiny size of 9Appsapk is another thing that the users finds really convenient and comfortable to download and install. Also this mini sized application provides you with the best trending and recommended Android apps and Games. It provides you the recommendations about the apps you have searched earlier based on your search history. That’s a pretty smart feature Of 9App Download Android Store . The user interface is beautiful and really easy to use. All you need to do after installing this Beautiful App Store is to search for the android app you are looking for and you will get all the relevant content. Even when you are suffering with slow internet, this provides high download and browsing speed.

Blackmart Alpha Android

One of the greatest advantages of Android over iOS for many users is how easy it is to install applications from unofficial stores. You only have to enable the option in your settings to allow applications from unknown sources and you can start downloading APKs from any web and installing them on your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, that cannot be done on an iPhone, since these phones require a jailbreak to remove their protection.

This simplicity, together with the fact that we’re talking about an open operating system, has led to the appearance of alternative stores to Google Play. Aptoide or Mobogenie are just two of the most known ones, but now we’ve now also got the chance to use Blackmart Alpha.

A universe of free apps, of which many aren’t on Google Play.
No need to go through Google anymore
And that’s precisely one of the reasons that many users prefer these alternative app markets, being able to make the most of Android without needing to use a Google email account, making it more difficult for the Californian company to gather information about your activity. In other words, these stores guarantee your privacy.

And yet another aspect of Blackmart stands out regarding Google Play: none of the apps offered are paid or trial applications; they’re all totally free.

How many applications? Over 270,000.
How does it work?
You’ve only got to install and open the app to access a wide range of applications. Just go to whichever one you want and download it to your device. As easy as that. This is the list of categories that we can go through to download apps:

Instant messaging and chat.
Image editors.
You can also explore different lists, such as top downloads or the most requested apps on behalf of the users.

Main features
These are some of the most noteworthy features and functions included in the application:

Thousands of free application.
Built-in search engine that allows us to apply filters such as price, size or popularity.
Automatical file installation system.
Notifications about app updates.
Possibility to move apps from the internal to an external memory
Is Blackmart safe? What are the risks of downloading apps from an unofficial Android store?
Yes, it is safe for your phone. The thing is that, unlike the traditional Android market, the apps uploaded aren’t checked with the same thoroughness. That’s why if you’re worried about your security you should stick to Google Play. The problem with this kind of store is that we usually come across dodgy looking apps some of which are infected with viruses that can damage our phone or steal our information.

Which one’s better? Blackmart or Aptoide?
There’s no need to choose, you can use both of them… there are apps that you probably can’t find in one place but are in the other, and the other way around. They’re perfectly complementary.

All in all, if you want to discover a world of new apps because you’re already fed up of the over million present in Google Play, you can always turn to Blackmarket.

GetAPK Market APK Download for Android GetAPK Market Download is Ready

GetAPK Market Description
The world of Android is getting bigger every day and there are so many app developers who are trying their best to provide us with their skills so that we may enjoy the best of our time on our Android smartphones. All the apps that are being developed are available from the Google play store which is the main hub for downloading all the apps and games for the androids. However, sometimes many problems arise and people are unable to get apps from this store and that’s why it is important to have alternatives for this store. Well, some of the problems due to which people want alternatives for Google play store are the bugs which cause the store to crash and some other things such as paid apps and some apps that require rooting etc, for such purposes which need to get the app through APK files. You can get these files from a lot of sources and install them on your android smartphone to enjoy all the apps which you couldn’t get before. One of the best apps for getting these files is GetAPK Market which is the home of all the apps in the APK format. All you have got to do is to either go to the website or app of this store and there, you will be able to get the free APK file for any app that you want to use. To get this store on your phone, download the free GetAPK Market APK right now from our website and then install the app on your device to hit one of the biggest APK stores.

GetAPK Market is one of the biggest hubs for downloading the APK files. The great thing about this store is that there is not a single app which asks you to pay money for it. All the apps and games that are available on this store are free and all you have got to do is to hit this store, search the name of the app or game which you want and then download the free APK file for it. After that, go to settings, enables the unknown source option which enables you to install apps from the external source on your mobile and then use this APK file to install the app. This is as simple as it can ever get. Another great advantage is that you can keep these APK files and whenever you need them, you can install apps through them. Does not matter whether you have an internet connection or not, you can keep these APK files and then use them anytime.
So, don’t wait anymore and to get this app, download the free GetAPK Market APK right now from our website to install this app on your device to get all the free apps and games you want. Keep visiting our website for more free android apps and games.